In what ways you can add bank details or card in QuickBooks?

When using QuickBooks accounting software, it is helpful to link your bank account or card details with it. Via this, you can keep record of all the transactions of expenses done, revenue incurred, paying of bills and what not. This is quite simple to do but sometimes you see an error 108 erupting on the screen which signals you to clear some of the messages on your bank’s site. To avoid this, first take a look at how you can connect your bank account with this software:

  • In the ‘bank accounts’ option of the home page, tap on ‘connect an account’.
  • Select the bank, username and the valid password to reach your ID and then sign-in.
  • After it is connected, all the accounts are displayed in front of you. Choose the one for your business and gives details about your account to QB.
  • All the transactions of last 3 months will be downloaded
  • Tap on ‘category’ or ‘match’ to arrange the transactions on the bank and credit card page.
  • You can even put your transaction in different category by opening the menu and select the right one. If the entry is new, then click on ‘add’ at the right column.
  • Search if there is any new payee; knock on ‘add’ option. Type the name and hit on ‘save’. Further details can be entered later on.
  • Select the ‘transfer’ option if you have paid a business credit card bill or made any kind of loan payment.
  • You have to choose ‘split’ if you have bought from varying categories but only with a one transaction.
  • The transactions can be selected altogether in the ‘batch option’ if they are correctly categorized.
  • If the transaction which doesn’t belong to the batch action is included by mistake, ‘undo’ it by selecting that particular transaction.

These were the easiest steps that can be performed by any person to accomplish their task. Still, if any doubt is persisting in your mind, get in touch with QuickBooks Technical Support Number 1844-6513-666, who is standing at their feet to serve their customers complete 24hrs. We have a team of experienced and certified technicians, who are ready to tackle any kind of issue by giving suitable solutions to their users.


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