How invoice is created in QuickBooks?

Invoice is a very important document that is given to the buyer for keeping a record of items bought at a particular price. The same record is also with the seller to receive money if the consumer has paid the cash payment. It should include the time duration of when the bill has to be paid, considering it to be the legal proof of the amount which is due. A proper invoice contains date, credit terms, name, contact details, purchase order number, description of the product, tax payments, unit price of the item and few more essential details. Glance at the strides below for creating an invoice in QuickBooks:

  • The first thing is to visit the home page and then reach ‘create invoice’.
  • Now, choose the invoice template from the drop down menu of ‘invoice templates.
  • Select the consumer from the ‘customer: job’ list.
  • Put a right date for it.
  • After that, tap on the first line in the column of the ‘items’. Choose one item from the given list.
  • The number of items purchased should be entered in right quantity.
  • If you think it is required to do so, modify the rates and description about the product.
  • Also, enter the message of the customer if possible.
  • Tap on the checkbox of ‘to be printed’ or ‘to be emailed’ for printing or emailing the invoice after sometime.

But if you have some more invoices which are left to be entered, click on ‘save and new’ option or you can close if nothing is left. For printing it later, go to the option of ‘choose file’, then ‘print forms’ and at last ‘invoices when you are ready to print’. For emailing it later on, select the ‘file’ and click on ‘send forms’ when you are ready to send it. Moreover, you can sometimes even receive an error of ‘printer not activated’ or error code 30 is displayed on your screen.


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