How to initiate with QuickBooks payroll?

Being a businessman, you would be in the habit of saving money every way you could and your desires can be fulfilled by creating your own payroll. Why to waste money when you have employees and using QuickBooks online? You should have complete details of the employees and employer to create such thing, any of the missing information will lead to error PS036, PS077 or 1328 while installing, updating or repairing the accounting software.

Setting-up the online payroll:

  • Visit the employee’s center and tap on the ‘employees’ option which is on the left hand side.
  • Tap on ‘get set up’ if purchasing of payroll is done through QuickBooks Online Subscription. You will receive a button ‘add payroll’ if not signed-up for it till now.
  • Additional information will be provided to check whether W-2 forms are correct or not. So, you have to answer certain questions if you are converting to QB from manual payroll system.
  • Next, is to tap on the option of ‘Add an employee’.
  • Fill all the necessary details of each employee like withholding info, pay schedule, pay of an employee, contribution by him/her, mode of payment, year-to-date payroll info and what all is asked.

Running of online payroll:

  • Again visit the employee center and click on the tab of ‘employees’ which is on the left side.
  • The list of employees which is set-up above will be displayed in front of you. Hit on the ‘run payroll’, that is at the top-right corner.
  • Enter all the working hours of each employee, bank account, period of payment, date of payment and the total employees.
  • Before finalizing the payroll, you will be given the last option to have a review at your creation. After checking everything, tap on the ‘submit’ button and go after online instructions to print payroll checks or direct deposit remittance.

As the process is complete, you can easily take a start on it and if facing any issue, get in touch with Intuit QuickBooks US support. The qualified, trained and experienced technicians are recruited to assist you entire seven days with appropriate suggestions which will eradicate your problem in one go. They are acquainted with the latest techniques and pass the same to their customers without hindering their work.


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