What are the steps for making and sending an invoice in QuickBooks?

An invoice is something which gives complete detail of the products purchased by the customer regarding the quantity, cost of the product, date of purchase, total amount to be paid and few more important info is added in it. This has been created to keep record of the payment you need to receive from the consumers to avoid any discrepancy. But sometimes you face difficulties in creating or sending the invoice which could be visible when error codes 19972 or 71823 are displayed on your screen.

Follow the steps for creation and sending invoice carefully:

  • Under the ‘customers’ column on the home page, choose ‘invoice’ option.
  • The form of invoice will be displayed on your screen that includes the subsequent details:
  • Name of the consumer.
  • Email address of the consumer.
  • Complete billing address which will be automatically generated from the profile of the customer.
  • Terms and conditions which shows the number of days given by the seller to buyer for the payment.
  • Date of invoice on which it was created and it has to be modified if you have created it later, rather than on the same date.
  • Last date on which the final amount has to be paid off.
  • Select the product from the drop down list and for getting a new one, click on ‘add new’.
  • Description of the product is normally auto-populated when you choose any product or service.
  • Enter the correct quantity of the products.
  • Rates will also be auto-populated if these settings are activated; otherwise, you can enter it directly on this form.
  • Exact amount will be generated according to the number of items and their rates.
  • For deleting any item, you can tap on the symbol of ‘trash’.
  • Before printing the invoice, you can have a preview of it to see how it looks like and whether all the information entered is correct or not.
  • When you are finally satisfied with the invoice created, you can send it to your customers through mail or emailing it directly from the QuickBooks. For sending it from QuickBooks, tap on the arrow at right and choose ‘save and send’.

Thus, the process is complete. For further details or in query, move ahead towards QuickBooks Technical Support, who is just a call away. Especially if you are not a tech savvy person, this is the good idea to have an approach to our executives and explain your issues in detail. They are standing at their feet all 24hrs to troubleshoot the ordeals which are making you suffer.


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