What Are The Steps To Merge Vendors In QuickBooks?

Often businesses need to revamp their charts of accounts or sometimes deal with vendors and suppliers that were created in error. If you are using QuickBooks Online you can easily merge a vendor or supplier and consolidate into that one account to save a huge time of yours.

Merging them in QuickBooks is sometimes necessary and a best approach to save a huge time. It is helpful if you have been using two and want to see them represented by single view in your reports. The merging process, once altered cannot be reversed back to its previous state, therefore, QuickBooks Support USA suggest you to perform a full backup of your data, because merging is permanent and cannot be undone at a later point.

Steps to Merge Vendors Or Suppliers In QuickBooks?

  • Start with the main screen of your QuickBooks application; select Expenses from the top left menu.
  • Here, choose Vendors/ Suppliers at the top, click the option.
  • Make sure that the vendors or suppliers you are going to merge are at the same sublevel. If they are not, edit one to make it be at the same level as that are.
  • Click to select the any of them name you do not want to use, but if you already got their information entered, then it will disappear from the name you do not want to use.
  • Ensure to keep a copy of the information over to the one you are keeping or keep the one with the important one.
  • Click the Edit Button to make changes.
  • Here, change the names, i.e. Title, First name, Second name, Last name and Suffix to make the same as the one you are merging it with them.
  • Make sure that the Display name is also the same as the one being merged with.
  • Click Save to save the made changes.
  • At last, choose Yes to confirm your action that you want to do the merger.

We hope this has proved helpful for you, but if still your doubts are on the edge, approaching QuickBooks Support is a good guideline. Any technical issue or mismatchning can be resolved with the assistance of our QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1844-6513-666, who is certified as well as experienced. Further, we even offer you the live chat support for better covenience.


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